About me

I believe that disturbing image and tired eyes are worth more than forced smile. I like  when you are cold, in an uncomfortable pose and the wind blow your eyes and makes you cry. Then you have another face, a real face - its image that is worth to fix it and then tell the world that: it was the day when you were here, the day when it happened.


I will not make you a simple photo with perfect complexion and a decent smile. Maybe -  if you're here you're just looking for me and you know what do you want. I think every weakness of your body can be your trump. I'm not interested how do you look's like, I'm just interesing who you are. That's give me possibility to stand by and look from the perspective of your eyes to better understand you.

Photos not starts on scene, pictures starts our minds. I really like the moment when I create a story in my imagination and then I try to catch the shots that i have seen in my head. Sometimes to realize ideas I work out my own costumes or set design. So my secondary hobby has become the work of leather and metal - it makes me more able to think in terms of possibilities than limits.


Who I am? Oh, Yes - My name is PaweĊ‚. I think that i tell you enough about myself.

What fascinates us

The motives that I consider most prefer are horror, surrealism, fetish, bondage and / or bdsm. I avoid topics that I can not understand well - because as I wrote above, the pictures are first created in our heads. With pictures is like with playing an instrument - there is a moment when the body and the instrument become one, than  music starts to sound better. Let's play the same instruments, let's love the same music.

Our cooperation

As long we gave usr rights to  public our pictures far so long I don't care about money. I'm focused on creating pictures. Exception is only in case when from some reason You want to get pictures without  publication rights for me and/or project need additional budget. If You want pictures only for Your own usage let me know about it in first contact massage please.